Friday, October 16, 2009

Autumn Colors & A Lovely Swap

Autumn is my favorite season---that little nip in the air, the scent of wood burning in the fireplace, all those lovely, spicy, apple-y things coming out of my kitchen these days.

We have had an extremely dreary start to autumn here in northern Louisiana--- practically non-stop rain for almost two weeks, with nary a hint of sunshine. But just when I was ready to go out and buy one of those lights that people in the upper latitudes wear to ward off darkness-induced depression, the sun appeared! I wanted to capture that feeling of sun and autumn colors, so I hung the quilt top I am working on for my son in the sunniest window I could find, and "Voila!"---a tribute to fall. I know it's a bit wrinkly, but I was afraid the sunny moment would pass before I could capture it---doesn't it look like a stained-glass window?

This past few weeks I have been having a ball creating a package for my partner in the Sweet & Sinister Swap hosted by the amazing Kari Ramstrom over at A Year of Color blog. My joy in creating Lorraine's package was eclipsed only by the gasping delight I experienced on opening her surprise to me. Here are some photos of just a few of the fantastic things she made and found for me:

And the "piece de resistance"........

I have several other pictures over on my flickr site. Thanks so much, Lorraine! Please go to Lorraine's blog and read her beautiful writing accompanied by gorgeous photography---she even has an etsy shop with lovely vintage goodies and her original collages and other creations.

Have a sunshine-y day!