Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Do You Know When It's Finished ?

This is a small watercolor I've done for my Mom for her birthday.  It recalls a visit to Westminster Abbey in London.  This is the gate to a small secluded garden in the middle of the church called the "Little Cloister."  It is the first "real" watercolor painting I've ever done, so I realize that it is far from perfect ; ).  

I need your help, though.  I sense that I could do a couple more things to this before pronouncing it finished, but what do those of you with a lot more experience than I have think?  I want it to retain a soft quality---to evoke a memory, not do a photographic reproduction. Also, how would you mat this?  I was thinking of a white mat next to the painting (since I didn't do a great job with the edges), then a black one surrounding that--much like what I've done with the paper here to do the photo.  I had thought of a red mat to echo the flowers in the center, but maybe that's too informal?   I would greatly appreciate any advice.