Friday, October 16, 2009

Autumn Colors & A Lovely Swap

Autumn is my favorite season---that little nip in the air, the scent of wood burning in the fireplace, all those lovely, spicy, apple-y things coming out of my kitchen these days.

We have had an extremely dreary start to autumn here in northern Louisiana--- practically non-stop rain for almost two weeks, with nary a hint of sunshine. But just when I was ready to go out and buy one of those lights that people in the upper latitudes wear to ward off darkness-induced depression, the sun appeared! I wanted to capture that feeling of sun and autumn colors, so I hung the quilt top I am working on for my son in the sunniest window I could find, and "Voila!"---a tribute to fall. I know it's a bit wrinkly, but I was afraid the sunny moment would pass before I could capture it---doesn't it look like a stained-glass window?

This past few weeks I have been having a ball creating a package for my partner in the Sweet & Sinister Swap hosted by the amazing Kari Ramstrom over at A Year of Color blog. My joy in creating Lorraine's package was eclipsed only by the gasping delight I experienced on opening her surprise to me. Here are some photos of just a few of the fantastic things she made and found for me:

And the "piece de resistance"........

I have several other pictures over on my flickr site. Thanks so much, Lorraine! Please go to Lorraine's blog and read her beautiful writing accompanied by gorgeous photography---she even has an etsy shop with lovely vintage goodies and her original collages and other creations.

Have a sunshine-y day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heroes of the Craft

Hi friends,

Well, I've been in the land of "y'all" for a couple of months now : ). Here in our temporary home I've got a little corner set up with my sewing machine and easel, working away at several projects that I will show & tell in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I'd like to share this video from Etsy with you. Mimi Kirchner is an amazing doll maker---her attention to detail blows me away and her sense of humor always makes me laugh out loud. Things to aspire to. Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily Doodle 4: Spring Fever!

Here's my latest doodle ; ).   I'm starting to think maybe I should call these "quarterly doodles!"  At the moment life is so crazy, I'm doing good to get up here and do anything but sort and pack.  I did have this image pop into my head and just had to get it down on paper.  I have drawn in a small book I made a couple of years ago with paper I love, but it's not the best for photographing----hope you can see what I've done.  If you click on the photo and then go stand a few inches from your monitor, you can actually make it out, LOL!   I know I will do something more with this---stayed tuned........

Once we get settled in Louisiana,  I'll be posting a "farewell to Belgium"  with some photos of some of my favorite things about this wonderful place we've called "home" for the last nine years.  I think you'll see why we have loved living here so much~~     

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Language of Flowers

This is a mixed-media piece I made using techniques I'm learning in Creative Textures.  I'm not really sure that this style of painting is something that I will do again,  but I had a lot of fun creating this one.

The title "The Language of Flowers" refers to the french text that is collaged to some of the flowers.  I cut the lines from a book that I found in a flea market that is a series of weekly stories that were printed on newsprint and later bound into a hardcover book.  The stories are dated from November of 1886 to October of 1887.  The tales are accompanied by wonderful engravings.

Some of the phrases on my piece are: 
 "Parce que, parce que....."  ("Because, because....")
 "jusqu' au bout,  mon cher"  ("until the end, my dear")
  "la bonne nouvelle"  ("good news")

I hope you all have someone speak in the language of flowers to you soon~~*sigh*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Do You Know When It's Finished ?

This is a small watercolor I've done for my Mom for her birthday.  It recalls a visit to Westminster Abbey in London.  This is the gate to a small secluded garden in the middle of the church called the "Little Cloister."  It is the first "real" watercolor painting I've ever done, so I realize that it is far from perfect ; ).  

I need your help, though.  I sense that I could do a couple more things to this before pronouncing it finished, but what do those of you with a lot more experience than I have think?  I want it to retain a soft quality---to evoke a memory, not do a photographic reproduction. Also, how would you mat this?  I was thinking of a white mat next to the painting (since I didn't do a great job with the edges), then a black one surrounding that--much like what I've done with the paper here to do the photo.  I had thought of a red mat to echo the flowers in the center, but maybe that's too informal?   I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daily Doodle Number Two

I don't know exactly why;  but,  the idea of animals in mary-janes appeals to me.  Here, Gladys, who is a circus chicken, is stepping out in her brand new, shiny mary-janes and she just feels that she has the world on a string.  There will be more to come about Gladys and her special talents.   Sometimes silly is good ; )

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daily Doodle Number One

I have begun a new challenge, hoping to develop my drawing skills.  The amazingly talented Alicia Padron has been posting "Daily Doodles" for a while now.  She has invited any one who wants to, to join her in this fun exercise, (there's the button, right over there to the right & down a bit).  My first offering is one of those random pictures that popped into my head one morning while I was drinking my coffee and I finally got it down on paper.  I know there are some problems with it, but I think I can make something out of it ; ).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Illustration Friday: Celebrate

Remember when it wasn't your party?

I have finally managed to post another illustration----by the skin of my teeth!  I am still trying to grasp this medium.  I'm sure I'm not spending enough time with it,   but any pointers you can send along would be greatly appreciated ; ).  I am printing them out and tucking them away to pull out any time I can sneak up here and paint.  Thanks so much for those of you who have emailed me with tips and for all the kind comments---especially on my "Sailing"  post.