Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daily Doodle 3

Here's my doodle today : ).  I'm experimenting with pastels---I love the seemingly endless variety of textures that can be created with this one simple medium.  This is a quick little study for a bigger piece I want to do on canvas in acrylic and pastel as a gift for some dear friends who have five daughters. 
A favorite artist of mine, working in acrylic and pastel, is Sophie Burbaloff.  You can see an example of her work here.


Birds of a Feather said...

beautiful! my daughter is upstairs dying her hair pink as we speak - after a looong discussion about how beautiful her natural hair is...she won, and she's happy!

no rush on the photos, and it's fine if your friend doesn't want to share, but i'd love to see! hkwdesign@verizon.net

xo heidi

Jemm said...

I saw you over at Autumn Rose Crafts and thought your name stood for "Kansas Laughter" and so I clicked on it. We've the same blog layout! Too funny. Lovely sketch by the way :)

Azulita said...

This is a very nice sketch. I like how much you were able to capture with such a smallest bit of her face. I have always found pastels difficult cause I can't seem to keep my hand off the part I've already. I always seem to end up with a smeared mess.

Laure Ferlita said...

Love all the colors you've woven into her hair - would love to see this finished!

Thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog - I thought I published it, but when I went to respond, I could NOT find it. I'm beginning to think I'm Blogger-challenged or at least comments-challenged!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I'll be coming over to check on your doodles as I just love them (especially Gladys and her MaryJanes)!!

Caroline said...

This is a lovely sketch! Thanks for visiting my blog recently - I also thought I'd left you a comment on your watercolour post - when I checked it wasn't there! Anyway,the gist of what I wanted to say was it looks to me like you've achieved what you set out to do - so you can call it finished! Very nice painting that I'm sure your Mom will be delighted with!

Azulita said...

Thank you so much for coming back to my blog to respond to my question and for the nice words. Van Gogh was always my favorite while I was growing up. Frida Kahlo may have edged past him lately but he is still a great influence on me. I have to try the tracing paper.